Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Diapers for only $3.33/pack!

Want to spend $3.33 on a pack of diapers? How about $1.00 on an 80-count pack of wipes? It’s within your reach. CVS is having a special promotion for their CVS diapers and wipes the week of July 20. You just have to do a little prep work for it first.

First, go to your nearest CVS and get yourself a CVS member card. You could do this online but it wouldn’t give you enough to get everything done. You need to have your ducks in a row by July 20. While you’re there ask when their truck comes each week and when they are finished stocking their shelves with fresh stock each week.

Second, register your card online at www.CVS.com. You should receive a welcome email from CVS that has a printable coupon worth $4 on any $20 purchase. Print it and keep it in a safe place.

Third, visit a CVS that has a coupon printer/price scanner. These are small red machines somewhere in the store that allow you to check the price of something as well as print coupons for your use. It usually spits out three coupons, one of which is a $3 off any $10 CVS Brand purchase. You will need two of these coupons. Unfortunately, it won’t spit out more than one of these coupons in a day so you will need to go on two separate days to print them twice.

So, now you’ve got your CVS card, your $4/20 welcome coupon, and your two $3/$10 CVS Brand coupons. Here’s how you use them:

The week of July 20 confirm that the diapers and wipes are indeed on sale with ECBs in your area. (Some promotions are regional only but most are nation-wide.) Plan to go to your CVS within a few hours of when their shelves are freshly stocked.

Once there, put three packs of CVS brand diapers and 1 80-count pack of CVS brand wipes into your cart. Take them to the cashier. Hand over your CVS card and the merchandise. Let her scan them and give you the total. Then hand over all three coupons. And the final price should be $10.00 plus tax. BUT you will get $5ECB which you can turn right around and use in your next transaction on diapers and/or wipes. Or you could buy bread, milk, whatever else you like.


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