Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get Paid to Get Free Diapers/Pull-up!

Here’s the best deal I’ve ever found on diapers or pull-ups – get PAID to take them! Walgreen’s is having a baby products promotion this month I described in a previous post. This promotion is good through July 26. The August Instant Value Booklet which is valid beginning July 25 has another $5/2 coupon for the Walgreen’s brand diapers. It is Walgreen’s corporate policy to allow you to use BOTH the July and August coupons in the same transaction for the same item as long as their dates overlap. So here’s how you work the deal:

$17.97 3 packs of diapers/pull-ups (5.99)
-$7.50 $5/2 July IVC*
-$7.50 $5/2 August IVC*
=2.97 + tax
Get $5 Register Rewards

*For those of you that noticed, yes the register will take off $7.50 for the $5/2 IVC coupon. This is due to the vagaries of their register software.

Just leave your coupons uncut in the booklets. Keep your booklets for the next transaction. The cashier is not required to take them. Some stores will have removed the July IVC booklet and replaced them with the August one. So it’d a good idea to go into the store before the 25th to get the July booklet. On the other hand, some stores will not have the August one out yet. If that’s the case, simply ask for a copy of the new booklet. They will surely have them in the back or even behind the counter.

You can do this deal as many times as you want. But don’t use your $5 Register Rewards to pay or you will not receive another one.

Happy Shopping!


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