Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Unusual Source of Free Coupons!

If you use coupons or are thinking of beginning to use coupons strategically you are going to need a lot of coupons. That is the key to saving the most money. Once something goes on a terrific sale buy as much as you can using coupons and store it! The challenge is getting the coupons. Yes, you can buy multiple copies of newspapers. You can buy them from coupon clipping services or on eBay. And you can get them from your friends and neighbors who don't use theirs.

Another source has just recently come to my attention. Coupons-for-opinions, a yahoo group, offers free coupons if you post your opinion about the various posted issues. I've participated for a little more than a month now and have received $15 of precut coupons, many of which I can't get in this area, all for free. I encourage you to check it out at: www.groups.yahoo.com/group/coupons-for-opinions/. They are having a membership drive this month. If you decide to join please tell them I referred you. (I'll get $50 in coupons if I refer the most people.)


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