Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Free Satin Care Shave Gel

If you have a Walgreen's close to you, then heads up. From June 1 through June 7 you can get free Satin Care Shave Gel. Here's how it works:

Collect 10 $.55/1 Satin Care coupons from the P&G insert of the 6/1 newspaper. Ask your friends to save them. Get them out of your neighbors recycle bin. Somehow get them!

10 Satin Care shave gel for $20
- $10 June Instant Value Coupon from the Walgreen's weekly ad
- $5.50 (10 x $.55/1) Manufacturer's coupons Q from 6/1
Total Out of Pocket: $4.50 + tax
Get back: $5 Register Reward which you can use as cash to buy anything you need (with a few exceptions) at Walgreen's.

What are you going to do with ten bottles of shave gel? Store them under your bed or on the top shelf of your closet in a box. Whenever you need some you can get out a bottle knowing you got it for free! Once you have two or three left you can start looking for another freebie deal like this one! Or you can donate them to a charity and deduct the regular retail price from your taxes! Or give them directly to people in need. Or stocking stuffers! Or sell them at your next yard sale!

If you like getting this kind of tip leave me a comment.

Information from www.hotcouponworld.com - my favorite site for finding deals!

Happy shopping!


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Anonymous said...

yes, I love this kind of info and saving.I am a single,senior and use this to save my legs, give to my sons and grandsons for a Christmas basket. thanks