Friday, May 30, 2008

Today’s Haul

I am so pumped about my success today using coupons! I went to three different stores: Walgreens, CVS, (drugstores) and Safeway (an upscale grocery store). Here’s a comprehensive list of what I purchased:

8 Aquafresh Extreme Clean 2.99ea
1 Aquafresh Advanced 2.99ea
3 Tums Quikpak 24 ct 4.69
3 Adidas Action3 4.99ea
2 Old spice He Deodorant 3.25ea
Goodnight Boxers 11ct 11.99
1 Green & black Organic Milk choclate 1.49ea
4 CVS Allergy (Loratadin) 5ct 3.79
Papermate Pens 1.99
10 Juice 1.00
2 Purina healthy Cat Chow 2.00ea
4 Meow Cat food .55ea
6 Schick Quattro Razor 9.49ea
4 Walgreens Travel-size Kleenex .25ea
4 Pocket Combs .50ea
1 Good Nights 13ct 11.49ea
2 Plates and 2 bowls 4.00
1 Walgreens Cough Drops .99

Total Value of Products $195.36
Total Out-of-Pocket $10.09!!!!

I am still in shock.



Jackie said...

Wow! That's unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

Did you use coupons,rebates,mfg. coupons,extra bucks or what?please share.thanks.

Momoften said...

I used store and manufacturer's coupons as well as CVS extra care bucks.