Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Info on Shoppers Triple Coupon Promotion

I spoke with Customer Service in Stafford. Here's what I learned:

1. Customers have no limit on the total number of coupons you can use per day or per promotion.
2. They will be tripling internet printed coupons
3. The only restriction is that you can only buy four identical products at a time. However, if it is something that comes in different flavors you can purchase four of each flavor. For example, you can buy 4 grape Kool-Aid, 4 strawberry Kool-Aid, 4 cherry Kool-Aid, and 4 orange Kool-Aid and use 16 identical coupons for them.

Even if your store does not usually double coupon chances are good that it will be participating in this triple coupon promotion. You can check by calling your local store or visiting Shoppers online and checking your local sale flyer.

I've got to get busy cutting coupons!


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