Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mt. Rainier

Popoften and I are getting ready to visit the most beautiful place on earth, Mount Rainier. Both of us visited Mt. Rainier with our family when we were children and have fond memories of it. Thirteen years ago we took our (then) five children out there ourselves and had a wonderful time. There is just something about that mountain and the way it totally fills your view. It is sheer beauty.

Why are we going? Because we’re celebrating the fact that we have now been married 25 years!! It’s hard to believe but true. And we’ve never been happier. Why God chose to bless us in this way is inconceivable. Truly. Yet, here we are, gray hairs and all, still in love! So if I’m late in posting next week’s Shoppers deals you’ll know why…

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